GaaS and other Great MYOB Greentree Deployment Opportunities –MYOB Greentree and Daniele Saunders now provide 3 key ERP enablement opportunities. Customers can choose from the following deployment options:

  • On-Premise
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • SaaS solution – Greentree-as-a-Service (GaaS).

GaaS is a new option, providing a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This offers the full functionality of MYOB Greentree4 with the software, hosting, maintenance, security, backup and upgrades rolled into a monthly subscription, hosted in a single tenant, cloud environment. A key benefit of a pay as you go model is that you are able to increase and decrease your users to meet business changes and requirements.

The really good news is that regardless of the deployment option you choose, you get the same access to the smart, powerful, highly configurable MYOB Greentree ERP Solution. Daniele Saunders will work closely with your business to evaluate and recommend exactly what licensing and hosting options best fit your business resources, budget and objectives. Rest assured, with MYOB Greentree4, whichever deployment option you decide to proceed with, you will not be compromised in terms of performance, smarts, functionality or form.

Simply put, with MYOB Greentree4 and DSP you will become ‘primed for business’.

MYOB Greentree and Daniele Saunders offer affordable monthly and annual licensing and subscription options for initial payment and maintenance of the software. Contact Daniele Saunders about deployment options or our other services such as security, back up and solution development.

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As a not-for-profit organisation you’re focused on doing as much as you can with the funds that you get. And we love that. In fact DSP loves NFP.

At DSP we have a track record of helping organisations like yours make their dollars go even further. Which means you can make an even bigger difference in the world for us all.

“Let me talk to you about your pain points and I promise, that unless Greentree’s genuinely going to work for you, I won’t be recommending it” Daniele Saunders, Founder, DSP

It’s a far more demanding environment than most in the ‘for-profit’ business world realise. Receiving grants brings additional responsibilities not just in terms of how it is financially accounted for but being able to report back on the services and outcomes that have been delivered.

Greentree is ideally suited to this not-for-profit world. As a company it is a perfect cultural fit with a We3 ethos that ensures all three parties – you (the customer), Greentree, and all of us at DSP–work together to deliver the best outcome possible.

Take a look at our NFP eBook on how Greentree addresses eight common challenges not-for-profits face; including examples from other organisations and charities using Greentree to deliver a difference around the world.

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Greentree4 is here…

Introducing Greentree4, the next generation ERP Software: Greentree4. Accessed by both Windows client and browser, Greentree4 gives you the best of both worlds – established core functionality to drive your business engine backed by the new powerful browser-based capabilities outlined below. We can’t wait for you to start your Greentree4 journey with DSP.

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At its recent global launch event the world got to learn about Greentree4.
Watch a video recording of the event:
Watch the GREENTREE4 Overview Video:

Greentree4Sales will turbo-charge your sales team by connecting your revenue-generation engine to your business engine. It captures the power of what is generally done at your desk and lets you take it with you on the go. Greentree4Sales is fully desktop, laptop and tablet enabled. It supports the entire sales process from customer look ups to sending quotes, tracking orders and results. We’ll show you how its pre-configured workspace will put the information your sales team needs right at their fingertips. Open orders, top ten customers, follow ups, customer calls and alerts are primed and ready to go – Download the Brochure – Greentree-Greentree4Sales-web-outlined_opt

Watch the Video:

Take a look around the office – no two desks look the same. You work the way you want to – no one else will want to organise their work space as you have yours. So why should your screen be any different? Greentree4 will revolutionise the way you work by putting you in control of what you see and do. Workspace is organised in such a way that you’ll never lose anything again, what you need the most will always be ‘top of the pile’ and you are instantly alerted to things that need your attention. Take a look at the future of work – it’s here for you to use today – Download the Brochure – Greentree-New-Capabilities-Workspace-web-outlined


Watch the Video:

If you’re over looking for the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack, Greentree4 has the answer. From entering two or three digits of information its Enterprise Search capability will help you to find what you’re looking for. Using its global search capability you can configure the results into categories and indexes that are relevant to you. Further refine the results to discover what you’re trying to find, quickly and efficiently. But you’re not just limited to global search. Enterprise Search enabled fields in Flexi Forms puts search-engine power at your fingertips exactly when and where you need it. See how Greentree4 will search for you – Download the Brochure – Greentree-Enterprise-Search-web-outlined

Watch the Video:

It’s time to cut out the clutter. Using Greentree4 Flexi-Forms you control the information flow in and out of your business systems – you gain a whole lot of speed and accuracy but lose none of the functionality. Flexi-Forms’ streamlined line entry delivers a powerful punch with consolidated fields and Pop-up forms to guide you through the process. It’s not just flexible but smart too. Search enabled fields will prompt you with information (in context) as it automatically looks for the right fit. If you really want to work it your way, take a look at Flexi-Forms – Download the Brochure – Greentree-New-Capabilities-Flexi-Forms-web-outlined_opt

Watch the Video:

More than just making something look good; Screen Designer lets you tailor your business systems to fit the way your organisation works. If you’ve got good organisational knowledge plus an understanding of Greentree and the work processes involved – you can use Screen Designer. There is no special training required. We will show you how you can alter the colours, language, layout and workflow to configure forms and screens across your organisation. You can create templates that apply company-wide or to address the specialist needs of specific teams, individuals and devices. See how Screen Designer works for you – Download the Brochure – Greentree-Screen-Designer-web-outlined

Watch the Video:

One of the most exciting things about working with Greentree is its Primed4U philosophy which ensures Greentree4 will be continuously developed and delivered with minimal disruption to your business. After extensive research Greentree settled on HTML5 as the browser platform for its new Greentree4 capabilities. Combined with latest technology from Sencha and the object based platform from JADE7 Greeentree4 has a powerful “under the hood” combination to drive your business engine into the future. Uniquely co-existing with Greentree’s Windows client access, you can run Greentree4 across a range of devices simultaneously; log in to your desktop, laptop and/or tablet seamlessly. With DSP and Greentree4 you be certain you’ve got the right business-engine to ensure you’ll never stand still. (NOTE: CONNECTS TO TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS)

For those in your organisation who want to learn fast then access to the Greentree4Campus is a must. Greentree’s new online learning portal offers a self-learning environment supported by videos aimed at a variety of different roles, abilities and technical understanding. Ask us if you’d like to know more about having access to Greentree4Campus.

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Greentree4 is here – Contact DSP for more information.