As a not-for-profit organisation you’re focused on doing as much as you can with the funds that you get. And we love that. In fact DSP loves NFP.

At DSP we have a track record of helping organisations like yours make their dollars go even further. Which means you can make an even bigger difference in the world for us all.

“Let me talk to you about your pain points and I promise, that unless Greentree’s genuinely going to work for you, I won’t be recommending it” Daniele Saunders, Founder, DSP

It’s a far more demanding environment than most in the ‘for-profit’ business world realise. Receiving grants brings additional responsibilities not just in terms of how it is financially accounted for but being able to report back on the services and outcomes that have been delivered.

Greentree is ideally suited to this not-for-profit world. As a company it is a perfect cultural fit with a We3 ethos that ensures all three parties – you (the customer), Greentree, and all of us at DSP–work together to deliver the best outcome possible.

Take a look at our NFP eBook on how Greentree addresses eight common challenges not-for-profits face; including examples from other organisations and charities using Greentree to deliver a difference around the world.

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