DSP Service

Daniele Saunders differentiates themselves on the basis of exemplary consulting and business service and support expertise. It is the deep and defined level of careful process and application that rewards customers with smooth running optimised systems and well trained system operatives. DSP apply the following approach to Service:

  • Review business requirements and needs analysis

This is the first stage to ascertain what your requirements are and if we are able to provide assistance. This generally involves meeting for an initial discussion and typically takes one to two hours. Once we have established the basis that we can assist in providing a system, we are then involved in a more detailed review process. If we are unable to help we can quite often make suggestions as to an appropriate company to talk to.

  • Demonstration

Once your requirements are understood, we would then proceed with a product demonstration. The demonstration is based around your particular needs and is designed to satisfy everyone that the system is appropriate for their business needs.

  • Proposal & implementation budget

A comprehensive proposal is presented for consideration, which outlines all associated system purchase and implementation costs, including realistic budgets for implementation, setup and training.

  • Schedule for installation and training time frame

The first meeting after the selection of the system revolves around establishing responsibilities, the time frame for project completion, and assigning the necessary resources to meet sign-offs.

  • Implementation and setup

This work involves the analysis of your requirements and how Daniele Saunders and Partners will engineer the software parameters to meet these needs. While the software supplied is an “off-the-shelf” system, its sophistication allows for numerous ways of configuring data structures and integration to achieve the desired result.

This work includes such things as; master file structures, integration of sub modules to General Ledger, chart of account structures, landed cost requirements, sales analysis reporting as well as establishing procedures for balancing the system.

The pre-sales meeting establishes the suitability of the software for your organisation with many of the above items being discussed. The time spent on the implementation and set up after the purchase of the software is critical to achieve the maximum benefits and return on your investment. ERP Software is not like a word processor, where you can just start typing, the best results are achieved by analysis and design before starting the system.

Deployment: MYOB Greentree and Daniele Saunders provide 3 key ERP enablement opportunities. Customers can choose from the following deployment options:

  • On-Premise
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • SaaS solution – Greentree-as-a-Service (GaaS).

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  • Training

This area of the installation involves providing your staff with the necessary knowledge to perform their assigned tasks. We would typically start the training with a review of the software, concepts of integration and familiarising staff with getting around the package. Training can be defined as how to enter information, produce reports, use the software and balance the system.

  • Review of system implementation

At the implementation meeting we would have set key goals in the set up of the system. On a regular basis we would review the progress of the implementation to measure our time scale and budgeted hours. In this way we can avoid costly over runs and address other issues promptly.

  • On going support

All Business Software requires ongoing maintenance and service. Areas that are typically addressed after the installation and training are; data corruption issues, hardware failure, updates to software functions, and training new staff.

Daniele Saunders and Partners provide our clients with complete after sale service and support. This service can be provided by; on site visits, telephone support and support via remote access (either RDP or Teamviewer). Remote access provides you with easy and quick access by Daniele Saunders and Partners to your system with out the need to travel to and from your business. All calls received for assistance are logged and documented, our staff are available during normal business hours by contacting our office or through their mobile phones.

  • Awards

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