GaaS and other Great MYOB Greentree Deployment Opportunities –MYOB Greentree and Daniele Saunders now provide 3 key ERP enablement opportunities. Customers can choose from the following deployment options:

  • On-Premise
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • SaaS solution – Greentree-as-a-Service (GaaS).

GaaS is a new option, providing a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. This offers the full functionality of MYOB Greentree4 with the software, hosting, maintenance, security, backup and upgrades rolled into a monthly subscription, hosted in a single tenant, cloud environment. A key benefit of a pay as you go model is that you are able to increase and decrease your users to meet business changes and requirements.

The really good news is that regardless of the deployment option you choose, you get the same access to the smart, powerful, highly configurable MYOB Greentree ERP Solution. Daniele Saunders will work closely with your business to evaluate and recommend exactly what licensing and hosting options best fit your business resources, budget and objectives. Rest assured, with MYOB Greentree4, whichever deployment option you decide to proceed with, you will not be compromised in terms of performance, smarts, functionality or form.

Simply put, with MYOB Greentree4 and DSP you will become ‘primed for business’.

MYOB Greentree and Daniele Saunders offer affordable monthly and annual licensing and subscription options for initial payment and maintenance of the software. Contact Daniele Saunders about deployment options or our other services such as security, back up and solution development.

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