Profitability for many businesses can be directly related to how quickly and accurately your business calculates costs and allocates time, resources, materials, purchases and people to jobs and projects.

View real-time job status and profitability any time

Managers can view cost transactions, minimum margin percentage, be alerted in the event a job is under or over budget or compare estimated costs against actual costs in real-time. Being able to make real-time adjustments means you can proactively manage jobs that may be creeping over time and over budget – no more reactive management trying to get jobs back on-track after the damage is done.

Visual Planning Boards

Managers no longer need to spend mindless hours grappling with way too much information in seemingly ‘one-size-fits-all’ reports; they get reports telling them just what they need to know. Real-time reporting improves the quality and timeliness of the decision making process by enabling business managers to view job transactions and make adjustments on-the-fly.

Create reports seeing only what you need

There is extensive flexibility to create enquiries based on many varied criteria and managers can filter reports by these. Managers no longer need to spend mindless hours grappling with way too much information in seemingly ‘one-size-fits-all’ reports. Managers get reports telling them just what they need to know. Real-time reporting improves the quality and timeliness of the decision making process by enabling business managers to view job transactions and make adjustments on-the-fly. This visibility ensures your projects can meet deadlines and budgets.

Fully integrated for enterprise-wide efficiency & cost control

Completely integrated with relevant Greentree modules to ensure that the cost efficiencies achieved using job costing transcend all your business processes from job quoting/ estimating, purchase ordering and inventory requisition right through to invoicing and general ledger. For example, when a cost transaction is created in any of several modules (see below for more detail) the general ledger is immediately updated with a work-in-progress value so you always know exactly how closely a job is tracking to budget and timeframes. No efficiency bottle-necks.

Structure jobs any way you want for best control

You can set-up a hierarchical structure where multiple sub-jobs contribute to the profitability of a parent-job. Greentree’s project jobs are ideal for project-based businesses with complex needs where several divisions may be contributing resource to a primary contract. project jobs enables managers to track costs at the parent level or view the detail at the sub-job level if they wish.

Once you’ve set up your job structure you can categorise costs into four main areas: labour (time), inventory issues, purchases and disbursements which are automatically captured against a job to ensure nothing gets missed or lost – you can be certain that every cost is being accurately captured and allocated.

The flexibility to pre-define the structure of a job and accurately define, capture and allocate costs ensures you have the optimum control over all aspects of work-in-progress.

Greater insight into which activities are of most value to your customers

To make all the sub-jobs even more visible to managers you can also use pre-defined templates with shared parameters and special numbering that differentiates jobs and activities from each other. For example, a specially numbered template might be used for a specific type of job which means that managers can make an enquiry about what type of jobs and activities are being undertaken, how often and for which customers. This makes it easy to see which jobs contribute the most to your bottom line.

Allocate costs and split them between multiple customers

There are several ways in which you can set up invoicing within the job costing module that enable you to apply the most appropriate method to each customer.

For example, if you have multiple customers paying a percentage share of a job, eg. warranty claims, you can invoice each individual customer using a feature specifically designed for this purpose. Your accountant doesn’t need to spend countless hours manually figuring out who pays what – the system does the number-crunching.

Currently using Microsoft Office Excel® to cost jobs? No problem

Greentree’s F.R.E.E. capability enables the upload of data from Excel to Greentree. F.R.E.E. allows the creation of new jobs, job estimates, timesheet transactions, invoice, proformas, credit notes and cost/sales adjustment transactions.

360 degree Interaction

Job cost provides the core point of cost and revenue management for sales and customer service requests as well as asset management. Quotations to customers can be converted into jobs once accepted, and Customer service calls can be assigned to jobs to track and capture contract costs and billings. Delivering asset management or maintenance services also integrates completely to job costing to provide complete financial visibility of these functions.

Key features

Pre-defined Templates

Jobs may be created based on a pre-defined template which is beneficial if you have a requirement to set up multiple jobs, each sharing the same basic parameters. Job templates can be used as a way to simplify the creation of new jobs, where jobs share common attributes. Special number ranges, including prefix and suffix additions, can be assigned to templates so that jobs of a similar nature can be easily identified by code.

Multiple Customers

If there is a requirement to bill more than one customer for a job, multiple customers can be assigned to the job, enabling a sales-split function to distribute/pro-rate job costs across customers as applicable prior to invoicing.

Project Jobs

Enables project-based businesses and project managers to track actual and estimate activity by Project and phases at the summary or detailed level. A parent job can be set-up with multiple sub-jobs each contributing to the profitability of the parent job.

Price Books

Multiple job price books can be set up for the purpose of determining the selling price for labour and material costs. Sell rates and markup % can be set up for specific jobs, activities, items, or employees. Combined with Inventory price books for stock issues this provides extensive flexibility in relation to job pricing.

Minimum Margin %

This feature enables the entry of a minimum margin % which gives the ability to accurately track jobs ongoing, profitability.

Bulk Proformas

Remove the repetitiveness of having to create invoice proformas and then sales invoices by using this function to create proformas in bulk. Once approved, they can then be converted to sales invoices in bulk, saving time and increasing accuracy.

Plant Charges

Track how much it’s costing you to keep your plant and equipment running. With Greentree’s plant charges you can record the costs of equipment used on jobs, including plant hire and maintenance costs. You can review these costs and update the “sale price” to ensure they are charged out sufficiently to recoup costs.

Microsoft Project® Interface

If you use Microsoft Project for your task and resource planning, this interface provides a user-friendly interface between Greentree and MS Project:

  • Easy to follow wizards
  • Update information back and forth between Greentree and MS Project.
  • Quickly set up MS Project plan resources from selected Greentree job cost employees.
  • Create and update Job Estimates from a MS Project plan.
  • Create Service Requests directly from MS Project plan tasks and update the percentage of work completed progressively.
  • Greentree user security is applied ensuring user database validation rules and security functions are respected.

Integration with other Greentree Modules

Greentree’s modular system builds upon and integrates with all other modules to ensure that every drop of business intelligence is extracted from every transaction right across the business – nothing goes to waste. This translates into aggregated business value and you need only purchase the modules that best fit your business.

Information can be entered against jobs from other Greentree modules thus providing comprehensive and immediate control over costs and revenue.

Job Costing integrates in real-time with these MYOB Greentree modules:

  •  General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Greentree IQ (Powered by QlikView)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory
  • Fixed Assets
  • Requisitions/e-Requisitions
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Service & Asset Management
  • eService
  • eTimesheets
  • Payroll
  • Workflow
  • Approvals & Alerts