DSP delivers MYOB Greentree, the powerful, smart, fully integrated business-wide ERP software solution. Greentree is legendary for providing seamless business integration. This means total business centralisation, broad connectivity, enhanced company-wide management and multiple deployment options. This in turn equates to better decision making, smart cost control and competitive advantage. DSP customers have benefitted from classic operating efficiencies and magnificent performance in their relevant market space.

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Greentree have recently introduced Greentree4; the next generation of ERP software.
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Greentree4 gives you the best of both worlds – established core functionality to drive your business engine backed by the new powerful browser-based capabilities outlined below. We can’t wait for you to start your Greentree4 journey with DSP.

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The Greentree’s ERP Solution is primed to help businesses perform effective, efficient and enhanced. Greentree is a complete enterprise wide solution, created for mid-sized businesses, providing flexible functionality, measurable ROI, low TCO and sustainable competitive advantage. Choose DSP for Greentree.

Greentree’s business software is today’s ultimate painkiller and multi-vitamin. DSP helps optimise Greentree ERP software for its customers to streamline processes and commanding system-wide performance. Typically, these companies have become more productive and profitable. They have structured cost controls and deployed highly effective KPI’s and customized reporting to empower strategic decision making. Most of all they have the time and capabilities to totally focus on providing real value for their customers.

From customer service to manufacturing, from purchasing to warehouse, from all sales activity to the financial results Greentree provides an optimized, safe and sure business-building environment that scales and facilitates growth. With DSP and Greentree, businesses become more competitive, more focused and easier to manage. The Greentree ERP software solution has several key advantages that set it apart from competitive offerings, these combine to deliver additional function, form and value for you and your customers.

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MYOB Greentree Product Suites:

Greentree Technology & Platforms

Greentree has an outstanding track record of using the best technologies to produce solutions that are fundamental to business performance and truly deliver long-term benefits.


Ever wondered what it would be like to always have access to the latest and greatest business software at low cost and minimal impact; to be able to effectively match latest business practice and technology to help optimise all activity across your organisation?

Greentree Secure

It’s easy to get caught up with all the clever things that are happening in business computing, but you also have to cover the fundamentals – like operational security.


A key element of Greentree’s robustness and flexibility is its close relationship with other technology providers. Their architecture and platforms help to make Greentree a world leader in ERP software, able to meet the ever-changing needs of medium-sized businesses, whatever they do.

Greentree Deployment and Licensing Options

Greentree and Daniele Saunders provide 3 key ERP enablement opportunities. Customers can choose from the following deployment options:

  • On-Premise
  • Hosted in the Cloud
  • SaaS solution – Greentree-as-a-Service (GaaS).

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