Driving sales by exceeding customer expectations is what great supply chain and distribution management systems are all about.

Inventory Management

Many businesses struggle to make accurate inventory forecasts, often resulting in excess inventory or running out of goods. These mismatches between plan and reality can be costly and severely impact on customer service.

Sales & Delivery

Liberate your staff to work on growing your business by enabling them to quickly, efficiently and accurately process sales orders in real-time as opposed to having them work in your business wasting valuable time and resources fixing problems and chasing orders.


By tracking your commitments to suppliers as they are made, you can accurately track your cash flow requirements and reduce the potential for disputes as supplier invoices are received. Prices quoted at the time of ordering can be compared with the supplier invoice and quantities received can be checked against the original order.

Supply Chain

Meeting demanding lead times while maintaining optimal inventory levels can present immense challenges to purchasing and logistic departments not equipped with the best tools available. Greentree’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) suite of modules assures precision execution of the supply process, from request through to delivery, is achievable.


Are your trading partners demanding you trade electronically? Can your business afford poor productivity through process inefficiencies and human error? Do you simply not have the technology needed to meet these key demands?

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